“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe” Marcus Aurelius


The value of creating a life of ‘harmony’ (in its true sense) is immense. A harmonious life is one that reflects a state of balance between all things in such a way that everything begins to just flow. Once this state is achieved, it is far easier to attract people and situations that only serve us well and contribute to the development of that state of accord. Here at Kew Gardens BandB being ‘in tune’ is of great importance to us. We strive to immerse ourselves in total coherence at all times and this is reflected in the balance we have curated between work and play, the proximity we have to both the urban and the rural and the influences we have drawn from both east and west.


A recent example of a harmonious occurrence was one that came from the meeting between Ragini, Kew Gardens BandB’s owner, and one of her charming guests Mrs Hu.


Anna, who runs housekeeping at the BandB was away for the week and Ragini was serving her guests their breakfast. There is nothing that Ragini enjoys more than meeting customers and engaging in conversation over a cup of tea! Whilst serving Mr and Mrs Hu, Ragini discovered that the couple were visiting from Shanghai in order to purchase a flat in London as their eldest daughter was about to commence university in the UK and they needed a base for the summer.


Mrs Hu was a fan of Kew Gardens BandB’s unique interior design, which is a harmonious mix of old and new, modern and traditional and a reflection of eastern tradition with a dousing of western modernity. Mrs Hu had faced difficulties sourcing an interior designer for her new apartment and had almost run out of time. Having liked what she saw at the BandB, Mrs. Hu asked if Ragini was happy to oversee and manage the designer and set-up of her new flat, which was luckily less than ten minutes away! After having managed over six such projects for herself, Ragini agreed to take on the work and sent Mrs. Hu a proposal that was accepted. Both ladies were happy with the outcome, which is a brilliant reflection of what can happen when two colleagues agree to work harmoniously.


A few weeks following the Hu’s departure from Kew Gardens BandB, The Annan’s were due to travel to Tokyo and Kyoto to celebrate Ragini’s 60th birthday amongst the cherry blossoms. Luckily they had also planned a stopover in Shanghai before returning to London. This was a happy and harmonious coincidence as it allowed Mrs Hu to brief in even the design element to Ragini as she had been unsuccessful in finding a satisfactory interiors candidate. Ragini came away with a larger project and Mrs Hu’s apartment keys! Ragini returned to London, fully briefed and raring to go. The project was completed in two months with ease, enjoyment and great satisfaction.


Whilst at first glance this story may seem like one of sheer coincidental luck, what it instead reflects is the immensity of what can be achieved when people work collectively in a state of total balance and harmony. In order for a project of this scale to be orchestrated by two people at opposite ends of the globe, both individuals had to have faith and trust that comes from a ‘in-tune’ interaction in the intentions of one another as well as in each other’s capabilities and expectations. What is also reflected in this account is the beautiful way in which individuals from different backgrounds and cultures can come together to collectively create something that brings together the best from both identities.


This project was a total process of harmony. Harmony of intention, harmony of desire, harmony of trust, harmony of responsibility. Furthermore, it reflects the power of being in the harmony of time and teaches us that when we simply allow time to unfold in the way that it wishes, the right people and situations will always come to us. This truly manifests itself for us at Kew Gardens BandB, we are forever attracting the right guests at the right time- each and every one of which brings us a unique insight into the importance of striving for harmony and teaches us something new.