About Kew Gardens Apartment

Scott and Ragini Annan ran a BandB business for five years in Chiswick and moved to Kew Gardens in July 2014. Ragini has developed many properties in London. After 2 years of full renovations, Kew Gardens BandB opened to guests from 2016 until the end of 2021. The BandB was ranked the number 1 property in TripAdvisor in the Richmond area. In 2022, Kew Gardens BandB was converted to Kew Gardens Apartment and was made available for short-term and long-term lease. Together Scott and Ragini have built a working home where its soul, serenity, warmth and individuality shine throughout the property.  

Who we are

The Annans are passionate about their many roles whilst being hands-on hosts. They have worked within and without the corporate world and have become role models and a source of inspiration for others who wish to ‘work for life’. One day you may see them painting around the house, and the next day they may be taking a group of business leaders on an international study tour! On other days they are teaching English or cooking skills. They love cooking! Scott makes the best pasta and risottos and Ragini cooks traditional Indian Gujarati vegetarian cuisine.  They believe there is no limit to who they can be next.

With roots in India and Scotland yet also being extensive travellers (something that is always a privilege) – the family brings unique stories and cultural insights to their work. It is not a surprise that they often have itchy feet and maintain their keen interest in travel. They have no shortage of ideas to bring back to their businesses. Art from around the world adorns the apartment walls.

Locals at heart

Your hosts live in an apartment underneath and are regularly at hand if needed. They have lived in West London for several decades and are warm, friendly and helpful individuals, who enjoy reciprocity from their tenants. The neighbourhood is much sought after, quiet, with people who enjoy community, whilst keeping privacy. Your hosts can be seen frequenting the cafes, restaurants and the monthly market, where they engage with their neighbourhood. Daily, they are seen taking a walk in the parks and the wide pavements of Kew.

Always at hand

Both Scott and Ragini run their other businesses from their home and are more often than not at hand during your stay. You may also be invited to Ragini’s cooking from time to time. Here you will find an eco-system of life-positive living; you will return with inspiration. Also, your stay can be private without feeling isolated.

The Annans are happy to host a drink for their guests soon after their arrival. This is your chance to quiz them with questions to get the most out of your precious stay in London. Google search will not be needed much during your stay with us!